Silver Solution: Safe and Non-Toxic

We have done a great deal of work as I said so that we can give you answers and data that you need to protect your family, your friends and other people. When you ask a question, I’ll either tell you I don’t know or I will show you exactly where my answer is, where it came from, I’ll quote to you the page and the paragraph where that information comes from.

We’re talking about safety now ‘cause I think its first on the list. Is it safe? The biggest question that comes up with safety is can I safely take this? Can I take it every single day? These safety studies, the first one we tested at 200 times the normal adult dosage. That’s equivalent of me sitting down and drinking 32 ounces at one sitting. At that level it was deemed completely non toxic to the test animals. It was an FDA requirement we do a lot of work with the FDA, we do a lot of work with government agencies and that’s the first one.

The second one is Probiotic Bacteria. This is the part that’s hard for people to understand. We have created the only silver product, that I’m aware of, that has proven to kill pathogens. When I say pathogen, just for your information, that is a bug that will kill you. A virus, a bacteria, a protozoa, a yeast, a mould, if its pathogenic it means it will kill you. So when I say that probiotic bacteria is the stuff that you need, that’s the stuff that’s in your intestinal tract. You use it for digestion and what we have been able to do is show in 2 major studies that this product will not hurt the good bacteria in your system. And yet we’ll go through it, it will stun you what pathogens we can kill and what levels.

You’ll also see that we did injected, ingested which means they took them, they injected up to 5000mg per kilogram directly into the animals, no toxic effect. Even at twice the dosage that you have up to 32 parts per million, no toxicity, completely non toxic. The government also came out with their own numbers. The EPA, that’s Environmental Protection Agency, they are the people who control toxicity worldwide. I mean almost every where, they’re into everything but mostly here in the United States. They are nasty, nobody plays with the EPA. The FDA is one thing, the EPA, if you tick off the EPA they can come in, drill holes in your door, put a big chain through it and your business is done.

But the EPA came out with their own numbers. It’s called the red document, registration eligibility document. On the 2nd page in the 4th paragraph, it states that you can safely consume 0.005mg per kilogramme a day. Now if I translate that into English, what it actually means is that the average size adult could drink about 4 teaspoons of the new silver solution everyday for their entire life and have that be deemed completely safe, everyday. This gives you the ability to know that you could use the product everyday to boost your immune system to help you fight off pathogens and you could do it safely every single day by their numbers. But if you don’t believe their numbers then I’m sceptical about some of theirs.

The fact is that we have 8 major safety studies injected, ingested, in vitro, in vivo all showing that its completely non toxic. When I went to the EPA for a number of approvals that I have, they give you a toxicity rating. Now if you were to spill 3 bottles of Clorox, that is an EPA reportable spill. When I went to him to talk about hospital disinfection with the technology, the number that I was given for a reportable spill for us was 12,500,000 gallons. So if I can actually get 12,500,000 gallons into 1 spot and I spill it I have to report it. but if its only 4,999,…14 million ….no 11,999,000… anyway you get the point.

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