Many people are talking about silver: “colloidal silver”, “silver solution”, “silver water”, “silver aquasol”, and so on. They share stories with friends about mysterious health conditions that no longer bother them. They tell of formerly persistent infections that are now a distant memory.

But what is silver solution?

Silver solution is a general term that broadly describes a solution containing silver. More precise terms are helpful when distinguishing silver solutions from one another, as variations in the solute and the solvent greatly affect the character of the solution. (source)

When people talk about “silver solution”, they usually mean ‘a very small amount of silver dissolved into water’, but importantly not all silvers are equal.

New vs Old Silver Solution

There are hundreds of companies producing silver solutions of varying effectiveness and quality. How are you supposed to know which silver products are best?

old silver solution vs new silver solution

silver solutions compared

To learn a lot about comparing one silver vs. another, this page on our website explains why the new structured silver is best. To learn about silver’s safety, visit the safety page.

Using Silver Solution

Silver has been documented in many forms as a potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and even anti-viral element.

People use silver internally (swallowed in small amounts), in the ears, on the skin, and with other locations around the body. People use it with cats and dogs as well.

Silver Solution Introduction – New vs Old

As a starting point for making sense of recent silver developments, this 2 minute video is a great resource:

silver solution video

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New Silver Solution